sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Become a physician.

We assume the really serious changes in our lives happen slowly, over time. But it’s not true. The big stuff happens in an instant. Becoming an adult, becoming a parent, becoming a doctor. One minute you’re not, and the next you are. Ask any doctor, and they can point to the one moment they became a physician, and it usually isn’t med school graduation day. Whatever it is, nobody forgets it. Sometimes you don’t even know anything’s changed. You think you ‘re still you and your life is still your life. But you wake up one day and look around and you don’t recognize anything, not anything at all.

You never forget the moment you become a doctor. A switch flips, suddenly you aren’t playing dress up anymore. You own the white coat. What you may not notice is the moment that being a doctor changes you.